Small Business owners have unique and difficult challenges when it comes to technology.  You can’t afford a full time staff to care for your computers.  Yet, you need all the safety, security and functionality.  We “Get It”.  We’re a small business too!

By leveraging advanced technology we can work to prevent problems — to keep your systems reliably productive.  But we don’t hide behind technology.  Because handing over the keys to your computer system requires a high level of trust in your IT Partner.  We focus on locally owned small business, because we can build stronger relationships and better serve your needs.

Chances are we likely share some key values:

  • Integrity
    • Do you remember when people relied on a handshake and the Integrity of a business owner to do the right thing?  Where quality service at a fair price was the norm and not the exception?  A time when people did business only with those that they knew, liked and trusted?
  • Teamwork
    • We constantly work to deliver that old fashioned, quality and service you can trust.  Teamwork is a critical part of what we do.  Always building better relationships with you and your people. As your trusted adviser we are better able to support your IT needs.
  • Solutions
    • Small Business today is more reliant on computers than ever before.  Solutions are what you really need.  We get that you have unique needs and challenges. You can’t afford the “Everything is Covered” type of support the big guys have available. But you can have secure and reliable technology tools that make your work easier.

I hope we’ll get a chance to meet and work together.  Let’s explore how we can make your computer system more reliable and productive.

Rusty Lee