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Backup & Disaster Recovery

It’s not a matter of IF disaster will strike — it’s just a matter of when.  To put it bluntly, If you aren’t backing up your data on a regular basis — you probably shouldn’t have a computer.  There are countless horror stories of companies who went out of business after losing their critical data.  Some information cannot be replaced at any cost.

Backup needs to be automatic – something that happens without any effort.  It’s awful easy to say I’ll get it done tomorrow.  “Tomorrow Never Comes”.  The most you should have to do, is check once a week to make sure it’s running.  You should also test regularly to make sure data can be recovered.  The worst backup in the world is the one that failed before you needed it.

We don’t want to get too technical here.  Some options for your business might include:

  • File and folder Backups
  • Image based backups
  • Cloud Based
  • Local
  • Hybrid with some information in the cloud and some stored locally

Use the 3-2-1 rule.  That means:

  • At least three copies of your data
  • In two different formats
  • With one of those copies off-site and not directly connected.  The off-site copy should have versioning capability.

It’s not enough to have a good backup.  It must be available in a format and location that will allow you to recover quickly.  If there’s a good backup but it takes a week to recover because it’s all in the cloud and the machines have to be completely rebuilt — Then it’s not a good recovery plan.

Give us a call, so we can discuss the options and make sure your company is ready for disaster before it strikes.  That way we can both sleep better at night knowing your critical information is protected.  If you already have a good disaster recovery plan — That’s even better!!