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IT Security

The biggest risk to your IT system beyond your control, is Cyber Attack.  The bad guys are usually one step ahead of our best protection.  It’s not possible for any busy owner to keep up with technology.  But there are things that can be done to minimize your risk and exposure.

It’s not enough to have a firewall and good antivirus protection anymore.  We all need layers of protection to protect the keys to our digital kingdoms.  For a typical small business you should consider:

  • A reputable Antivirus product on all computers.  Preferably a paid version that has some sort of management capability
  • Malware protection on top of the Antivirus product.  Think layers of protection.  Most machines we see are struggling with malware infections
  • Hardware Firewall
  • Software Firewall
  • Unified threat management products to scan for attacks before they reach your network and computers
  • Make sure all machines are fully patched and up to date
  • Limit user access to only features and data required to do their work
  • Secure wireless capability preventing malicious access to your network
  • Isolate guest access from your internal network
  • Password controls and management
  • Procedure to change passwords on a regular basis
  • Physical access controls to your computers
  • Encryption at rest and in transit
  • Two factor authentication

IT Security is complicated and getting more so all the time.  But with a little professional assistance and advice — your business can be well protected.  While no one can say you are completely secure against all threats — we can work together to eliminate most of the risks.  Let us know how we can help with your security questions and concerns!