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Problems We Can Solve

Chances are you’ve arrived here looking for some help with your technology.  You don’t know how to describe the problem in technical terms — you just know how it affects you.  If any of these sound familiar then we can likely help!  If they don’t sound familiar — take comfort in knowing you don’t have the same problems as other small businesses.  🙂  If you don’t have time to read the whole list — just skip to the bottom for the answer to your specific problem.

  • The computer is slow, especially when it starts or when you try to visit a particular web page
  • When you search for something on the web — you end up going to a different site that is trying to sell you something
  • You are constantly getting annoying pop ups when browsing
  • The computer recently crashed and took forever to reboot
  • Some computers in your office can connect to the internet and network while others won’t
  • You have to run to a different computer to print something or can’t print to the printer you want
  • Someone you know was recently affected by ransomware and you aren’t sure your protection is strong enough
  • You’re using a flash drive to carry files from one computer to another because your computer won’t work properly
  • A computer recently crashed and you lost all of the data from that machine
  • Someone worked on your machine and now your files are missing because they didn’t recover them or put them back in the right place
  • An employee had a screen pop up with a red background, that loudly said your computer is infected and you need to call Microsoft right away
  • You called the Microsoft number on the screen for help and gave them your credit card
  • You get constant warnings about some error and have no idea how to fix it
  • Email is filled with spam and you have no idea how to stop it
  • You didn’t backup your files prior to a malware attack and lost all your data
  • The company website has been infected with malware
  • A new employee is having issues with the computer setup from the previous user
  • Your new user can’t get to the files they need for work
  • You would like to have your own domain and email but don’t know how to migrate away from Gmail
  • Guests to your business need wireless access to the internet
  • One of your employees is always getting infected with malware and viruses
  • Everything you access on the internet is slow.  When you type in an address you end up going somewhere other than you intended
  • You aren’t sure about the security of your cloud based programs and wonder what’s best for your business
  • Everybody is talking about the cloud, but you don’t even know what it is
  • You recently had to recover something from a backup and discovered the backup wasn’t running properly
  • An old computer is near death and you need advice on what to get as a replacement
  • There are warnings about a new big malware attack but you have no idea if your protection is capable of stopping it
  • The company is going through a busy time with lots of growth, and you need to plan for the future of your computer system
  • You have HIPAA or PCI compliance to deal with

On, and on the list goes.  There are as many IT problems as there are grains of sand on the beach.  What you might need, is just someone you can call and trust to give the right advice.  There’s an old saying that you should dig your well before you are thirsty.  In today’s world, you need to know an IT professional before you have a problem.  Someone you like and can trust.  Even if we don’t do business, we’ll do our best to answer your questions and find help for you.